Two Tigers in Panama

In March of 2015 I was invited to David, Panama by a good friend and client Gary and his wife Jennifer to create a painting of Two Tigers.  Gary had been dreaming of this painting for years but until his recent move into a very large home in David he had no where to show it.  

"But now I do."  He said with laughter.  
On April 1,  I flew to Panama and constructed a painting that reflected his and her soul.  This is the photo journal of the painting's journey from beginning to end.  
As all good things lead to more good things, Gary and Jennifer have asked me to create another tiger painting.  The following photos describe the process of creating both paintings.

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A painting is really an interaction between the artist and the painting until what is created developes a life of its own.  This painting is a story about two people whose spirits are as gentle and fierce as a tiger's.  He has the personality of a warrior, while she is a healer.  He looks out watching for any who would step over the line without an invite and she makes certain he is in good health.    

This painting is a reminder, or a sort of visual prayer that whispers to them each time they pass it in their home.  

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Two Tigers in Panama:                   Voyagers. The second painting.

Life offers a series of choices that shape my life in the same way walking through a forest with little paths that all lead to the same place.  And here is the highest wisdom about where all those little paths lead.  They end.  All life paths end.  Therefore, the only really important choice that will make any difference on the quality of my life is who do I share my moments with.  I choose to spend my hours with those who see me for the strength they see in me as I do toward them. We tend to grow into the kind of people we hang out with.  

This painting is a story of friends.  The tigers represent Gary and Jennifer.  They journey through their lives on paths very close to each other,  each watching and caring for the other.  This is the sign of a soul mate.  They stay near.  They remove any barriers that prevent them to have this closeness.  They have no choice.  Once you recognize a soul mate you do you everything you can to find a way to be by their side.  

Green is a soothing color.  It represents life.  Growth.  And peace.  The flames above the tigers represent the spirits of those powerful beings.  The tigers.  Powerfully calm.

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The artist's unvieling of Two Tigers in Panama: Warrior and Healer, and Two Tigers in Panama: Voyager